Alfonso's Pizzeria

Family owned and operated since 1978
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Tampa Bay Food Monster . 2/8/2011
...great people working behind the counter, serving one hell of a pizza. the staff is always courteous and friendly, ready to engage you in conversation if you’re into it or let you eat if you’re not, and effortlessly churning out pizza after delicious pizza. ...more
Grayson & Alex . GNATV . 11/9/2008
Cheese pizza...lovely balance, fresh mozzarella, really good fresh sauce, and the crust ...more
Arleen Spenceley . St. Pete Times . 12/21/2007
The regulars roll in, and Alfonso rolls the dough. It has been that way since 1978. "If people come back for 30 years, you must have done something right..." said Alfonso, through his still strong accent. Alfonso Orefice, 61, who runs the pizzeria with his 57-year-old brother Orazio, greets the new customers and cracks jokes with the ones who have been coming by for years. ...more